More than 100 descendants of Edouard, Marie-Antoinette and Joséphine Puvis de Chavannes, brothers and sisters of the artist, are members of this Pierre Puvis de Chavannes Committee. They are all entitled beneficiaries of the author's rights.

    The President, the Secretatry and the Treasurer represent each one of the three Pierre Puvis de Chavannes'lines of descendants and heirs. Some historians and researches are also members of the Committee.

    Chairman: Bertrand Puvis de Chavannes

    Vice-Chairman: Louise d’Argencourt

    Treasurer: Bernard Jordan.

    Director of Bernard Jordan gallery - Paris / Zurich and Jordan-Seydoux Drawings & Prints Berlin

    Secretary: Catherine de Vaugelas.

Consultant in real estate enterprise.
    Honourable members : Yvonne Emery, Serge Lemoine***, Dominique Lobstein****, François Blanchetière*****

    * Bertrand Puvis de Chavannes: Specialist of Pierre Puvis de Chavannes, he particularly identified and dated the artist's drawings in museums of Bourg en Bresse, Macon, Montpellier, Marseille, Poitiers and Toulouse. He collaborated on Puvis de Chavannes exhibitions in Birmingham, London (2002) and Amiens (2005). He is regularly consulted by French and Anglo-Saxon experts and auctionners. In collaboration with Louise d’Argencourt, he writes the records of Committee PPC Bulletin (see "Issue")

    ** Louise d’Argencourt: Specialist of the painters Pierre Puvis de Chavannes (1824-1898) and William Bouguereau (1825-1905), Louise d’Argencourt is the author of a doctoral dissertation (1973) on the paintings executed by Puvis de Chavannes between 1861 and 1882 and designed to decorate the stairwell of the new-built Musée de Picardie, in Amiens. From 1971 to 1978, she was curator at the National Gallery of Canada, in Ottawa where she organised the exhibition Puvis de Chavannes which was presented in Paris (Grand Palais, 1976) and in Ottawa (Galerie nationale, 1977). She also collaborated to the exhibition Puvis de Chavannes. Une voie singulière au siècle de l’Impressionnisme (Amiens, Musée de Picardie, 2005-06). She is regularly consulted by French and Anglo-Saxon experts and auctioneers. She wrote few articles for the Bulletin of the « Pierre Puvis de Chavannes Committee », created by Bertrand Puvis de Chavannes (see Parutions). .

    ***: Serge Lemoine : Ph.D. in History of Art, creator of the Chair of Twenthieth Century Art at the Ecole du Louvre, he was successively chief curator of the Museum of Grenoble and Chairman of the Musée d’Orsay.

    He was the Commissioner of the exhibition From Puvis de Chavannes to Matisse and Picasso – Toward Modern Art in Palazzo Grassi (Venice-2002)
    He is currently curator for important exhibitions in France and abroad.

    **** Dominique Lobstein: Graduated in Economic and Art History, he began his career with the documentation of the Orsay Museum in 1993 and was soon involved in various exhibitions, such as that devoted to Daumier in 1999/2000 (Ottawa, Paris, Washington). He was the CommissionerJ. Bastien-Lepage exhibition in Orsay and Verdun. He has published several books on art institutions, collectors and critics of the 19 th century. He is in charge of the Library of the Orsay Museum since 2008.

    ***** François Blanchetière: After studying History (Universités de Caen and de Lyon III) and Art History (Université Paris IV), François Blanchetière won a curatorial competition in 2003. He is curator at the Tours Museum of Fine Arts. He has been deputy to the collections manager at the musée Rodin. In that post, he helped organize several exhibitions dedicated to the sculptor. He was the commissioner of the exhibitions Rodin, Le Rêve japonais (with Bénédicte Garnier), Paris, musée Rodin, 2007, and Corps et décors, Rodin et les arts décoratifs (with William Saadé), Evian, Palais Lumière, 2009, et Paris, musée Rodin, 2010. He also holds a DEA (his thesis was on Les longs débuts de Pierre Puvis de Chavannes, 1848-1864 (The long debut of Pierre Puvis Chavannes, 1848-1864)(Université de Paris IV, under the supervision of Bruno Foucart) and was involved in the preparation of the "Puvis de Chavanes, une voie singulière au siècle de l'impressionnisme" exhibition (Amiens, Museum of Picardie, 2005-2006).